Colorado Arabian Horse Club Team

Mounted Left to Right: Director Erin Dolph, Director Gary Martinez, President Jerry Martinez, Vice President Jim Hitt, Director Liz Wheeler, Treasurer Cheryl McMahon, and Secretary Eri Hook.
Standing Left to Right: Director Shella Burton, Director Mark Helmick, Director Norm Brown, Region 8 Director Mark Goff, Director Kathy Scott, Director Grace Rushing, and Director Trisha Swift.

The Colorado Arabian Horse Club is made up of one Main Club, a Northern Division, a Southern Division, and the Junior CAHC. When you join the main club you may optionally chose to be affiliated with the Northern or Southern Divisions. We encourage our members to not only vote for board members but to also run themselves. Our Junior board helps teach youth members the inner-workings of our club and provides them with real world experience.

President: Jerry Martinez

Vice President: Jim Hitt

Main Club

Secretary: Eri Hook
Treasurer: Cheryl McMahon
Immediate Past President: Chuck Mangan
Director: Erin Dolph Moore
Director: Mark Helmick
Director: Tracy Dowson
Director: Arlyn LaBair
Director: Gary Martinez
Director: Grace Rushing

Northern Division

President: Norm Brown
Vice President: Tamara Boose
Secretary: Shari McGinn
Treasurer: Trisha Swift
Director: Betsy Allen
Director: Shawnee Urano

Southern Division

President: Mike Lehnertz
Vice President: Kathy Scott
Secretary: MaryJo Hoepner
Treasurer: Maureen Meisner
Director: Liz Wheeler
Director: Grace Rushing

Junior CAHC

Youth Director: Shella Burton

Delegate Chair: Jim Hitt

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